2017   RESULTS

Costume Contest 2017

1. Peanut Gallery

2. Hawaian Beautie

3. Forrest Gump-1

4. Forrest Gump-2

5. Mario

Saturday, October 28, 2017 at 11:00 AM CST

Jacob Carrigan with Baby (Cristina Young)

Lynda, Janet, and Doris at mile one.


Costume Contest 2016

1. Cruella and 101 Dalmatians ($200)

2. The Kardashians ($100)

3. Titan's Cheerleader ($50)

4. Super Heroes ($25)

5. Pumpkins Patch ($10)

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Count Dracula, the Lazy Road Monitor

13 Oz Glass Mugs from 10 to 80+ year old

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Course Description Start and finish at Couchville Lake picnic shelter in Long Hunter State Park, Hermitage. From the start at upper parking lot, the course goes a quarter mile to a turnaround at the entrance gate, then back onto the winding trail around the lake. After one loop the course circles the picnic area and repeats the loop to finish by the shelter. Considered a flat, fast course with many turns. Course History This is one of the new courses that were added when the Running Tour expanded from 12 to 14 races in 1995. Designed by Tomas de Paulis, it had originally a shorter turnaround with a complex looping of the parking lot at the start. One year a wheel chair racer participated. He lost control in one of the sharp turns and ended up in the lake, where he was promptly rescued and could finish. As the name implies it is held on the last Saturday of October. Famous for its Halloween Costume Contest and charcoal-grilled gourmet hot dogs. In 2012 the race used chip timing for the first time, instead of finishing cards. It was also officially USAT&F certified, which required the turnaround to be moved 17 yards further out. The 2015 evert had a record 359 finishers, making it the third largest in the Running Tour.